About The FOUNDER & CEO of OMTurtle
Angie Carron, owner of the OmTurtle enterprise, lived a high stress, low self-care lifestyle consequently leading to a multitude of physical and mental conditions. Rather than surrendering to pharmaceuticals she chose the holistic practices of yoga, meditation, massage therapy and superfoods. With perseverance and patience she was able to regain her life. During the process, however, she learned there were so many others ashamed and suffering in silence... just like she did. She made it her mission to create a comprehensive healing environment available to everyBODY. Compassion led to training. Training led to opportunity. Opportunity fueled passion. Passion began with carrying a yard sign and a yoga mat in a local park. People came.
She saw in her students the same healing she endured during her own practice and by the grace of God and support of her family she opened her 1st yoga studio in 2013 with no expectations. Her community continued to build and while watching the news one evening in 2014, she decided to quit her corporate job to open a 2nd yoga studio in Ferguson, MO determined to provide space for peace during a time of unrest. In 2015, she made her private line of self-care products public while building her 3rd location to include a wellness spa featuring her product line as natural methods for massage and skin care.
Meanwhile, after 2 years of building, refurbishing, and recycling she expanded into superfoods by opening her 4th location, OmTurtleCafe, sourcing from a local community garden. This garden-to-table communal space focuses on nourishing the body from the inside out. In addition to providing the most nutrient packed menu the cafe hosts small events, prepares superfoods for catering and holds cooking classes to help educate people on clean eating.

Her 2020 focus is to expand the reach of  her holistic product line, host wellness retreats worldwide, expand community outreach, and teach mind and body awareness to children, parents and educators. 

Angie's also looking for like minded business partnerships to help duplicate this mission across the nation.  Her mission has always been to create a comprehensive healing environment that is accessible and affordable for her community. Her passion is insatiable but she can’t do it on her own so she’s customizing partnerships with progressive corporations concerned with Health Care, Mind & Body, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Wellness Spas, Health Foods and more. Will you join us on this mission? 

Thank you for being a part of the journey. We have only just begun.

Did you know 40 million people suffer from anxiety and depresssion in the US?